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DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360

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The Disney Infinity Starter Pack comes with the following:
  • 1 Disney Infinity Video Game
  • 3 Disney Infinity Figures: Sulley, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Mr. Incredible
  • 1 Disney Infinity Base
  • 1 Disney Infinity Power Disc
  • 1 Starter Pack Play Set Piece
  • 1 Web Code Card

Expand your adventures by collecting additional Play Sets, Disney Infinity Figures and Power Discs as they become available. Items sold separately.

Different Ways to Play

In Disney Infinity you have the freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring some of your favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters. Discover three Play Sets, including Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Incredibles, with up to 2-player local co-op.

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Monsters University

Play as Sulley in his early student days in the world of Monsters University.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Plunge into adventure as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean and find pieces of the Kraken’s Bane.

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The Incredibles

Activate the powers of Mr. Incredible on a quest to save the world from Syndrome and his super villains.

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Toy Box

Create your own worlds in Toy Box with up to 2-player local or 4-player networked online play. Mix, match, and mash up unlocked toys from the Play Sets along with Disney and Disney/Pixar characters to invent just about any adventure you can imagine. You can also expand your Disney Infinity experience by downloading user generated Toy Boxes created by Disney and the community.

  • Includes Video Game and INFINITY Base.
  • Also includes base piece that allows access to 3 INFINITY Characters: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles AND 3 INFINITY Characters: Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sulley.
  • Also includes your first INFINITY Power Disc.
  • Also includes unique web codes to unlock content online and on your mobile device.
  • DISNEY INFINITY supports 2 player co-op play in “Play Set” mode, and up to 4 players via local or network online play in “Toy Box” mode for HD consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation3, and Wii U). Enjoy 2 player co-op play in “Toy Box” mode on the Nintendo Wii.

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What customers say about DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360?

  1. 133 of 148 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Complete unique and fresh experience, August 18, 2013
    Jen “Geek Girl” (MN, USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360 (Video Game)

    I have completely rewritten this review to add more detail as we’ve uncovered more Infinity goodness!

    We’ve been playing for hours upon hours since Sunday’s release, so I feel I have a good grasp on most aspects of the game. Forgive me if I tend to compare Infinity to Skylanders as it’s somewhat inevitable given that many people are here because of their interest in the former game. If you’re interested in my direct comparison, continue on, but keep in mind that despite the similarities, these two games are entirely different.

    My initial thoughts on the game are how well-made and how deeply complex it is. For anyone who has played Toy Story 3, the play sets will instantly feel familiar. The Toy Box mode from Toy Story 3 is recreated here in almost identical fashion. Missions are located by glowing blue beacons in the sky and marked by a ! over their heads. A waypoint indicator (optional) is back again to guide you to the location of your mission objective. Back as well are all the little collectibles to pick up around every turn. Having spent a lot of time with the Cars play set with my son, it’s also very familiar to find that the cars are controlled exactly like they are in Cars 2 (which happens to be the only game that we’ve ever unlocked every single achievement in!). The turbo meter is back and the controls for driving and racing are almost identical, with a few new additions. The same tricks and stunts can be performed here, and while the races aren’t as long or varied as with Cars 2, all the familiarity is awesome for this Cars-loving family. It really feels like a mini Cars 2 game within the bigger game.

    The game in general is very easy to jump right into. The tutorial is brief and gets you acquainted with the basic controls that apply to all characters. Once you enter a play set, you will be briefly introduced to their special controls as each character set has their own abilities. You start out in the Toy Box, and this will be my first (and probably only) complaint about the game. You are dropped in the Toy Box with very little explanation about how to do anything. It’s possible that we missed something as my son was excitedly mashing buttons, but I felt a little lost initially. (EDIT: After going back, there is a tutorial for the Toy Box itself, but I haven’t yet been permitted to complete it!) The possibilities are so immense that it’s hard to fathom, and the manual says nothing about this. More on that later. Onto the Skylanders comparison!


    - Figures: Clearly the biggest similarity is the collectible figures. Although the need to hot swap characters as is the case with Skylanders, you’re probably fine with just a single character until you come across an area or item that can only be accessed by a specific hero. Very similar to elemental gates, though it’s usually just a chest unlocked an not a new challenge area. While Disney may have shot themselves in the foot for not pressuring you to have all the figures, it’s refreshing to be able to experience the game with just a single favorite and not feeling like you’re missing out, or worse, not being able to complete the game because you don’t have all the necessary elements. If you are a completionist, however, you will want them all as each character is represented in the game’s Hall of Heroes by a grand statue that changes as the character gains levels. If you want to unlock every single item in the game, you’ll also need all the characters, but these items aren’t essential to gameplay and are for Toy Box and cosmetic use only.

    That said, you do have to have at least one character from each play set to play in those worlds. This isn’t an issue since each of the three worlds that come in the starter pack are also accompanied by three characters, one from each of those worlds. The Cars and Lone Ranger play sets also come with characters from those worlds, so not being able to “complete” a given play set should never be an issue. On the other hand, if you want to play multiplayer in any of the play sets, be prepared to have TWO characters from each world. While you can have two of the same (two Lightning McQueen, for example) you MUST have two from that world, or you and your kids will not be able to play together in that world. If you want to play multiplayer in Monsters right off the bat, you will need to pick up Randall or Mike. If you want to play Incredibles in multiplayer, you need Mrs. Incredible, Violet or Dash. I know some think this is “underhanded” by Disney, but to me, this really isn’t any different than Skylanders forcing you to go out and buy at least five more figures to be able to experience the entire game. You can experience all Infinity has to offer with what you get in the starter pack, but if you want to play multiplayer (and who wouldn’t?!) you need to plan on buying three other figures. The great thing about the Infinity figures is that multiple…

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  2. 43 of 51 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is the Future of Gaming & Toys, August 19, 2013
    J. Goldthwaite (Seabrook, NH United States) –

    = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360 (Video Game)

    In order to understand where I’m coming from I will have to tell you a bit about who I am. I am an adult who really likes the idea of being a gamer (I go to the Penny Arcade Expo, Subscribe to LootCrate & a few gamer magazines) I don’t however have as much time to play games as I’d like. I really enjoyed Skrym & Bioshock but I have a 5 year old and I can only play when he is sleeping.

    I am also a Disney fan, I listen to Disney Podcasts every week, and go to Disney World as often as I can.

    I’ve been following the development of this game for it seems like years.

    My son started harping on me about Skylanders months and and I said I’d wait until the Disney version but I ended up getting Skylander’s Giants when amazon had it for $29. So far I only bought one extra figure. In Skylanders there are places where you need a figure of a certain element to explore. I believe there are 8 elements 3 come with the starter set. What I personally didn’t like is that once I got my TreeRex to level 9 or 10 (I think the level cap is 15) and put the new giant I bought on the portal that one just seemed too week. I honestly couldn’t understand why people would want to level up 42 characters in what seems to me to be an endless grind.

    Now on to Disney Infinity.

    The econimic model is the same as Skylanders, in that Disney hopes to make hundreds of millions of dollars on Game Toys over the next few years. The gameplay is not the same at all. Skylanders is a single game (Well Skylanders is one, Giants is another and Swap Force will be another) that you can swap out charctors to compleate one long continuous mission, there is also a minigame and a battle arena. Disney infinity has a story. The games change significantly, when you buy a playset or switch between the 3 it comes with. The Charactors in the games are TOYS, all of them. The lone ranger’s gun has an orange tip letting you know it’s a toy. When you shoot someone they fall apart like a toy would. Gameplay reminds me of World or Warcraft (or nearly any MMO) there are people (or monsters, or cars) with question marks over their heads, that give missions. Compleate missions and get coins (Money)to buy toys and Sparks expirence for leveling up. As you earn you get spins in the toybox where you get new toys. If something seems to hard, just do another quest. In the cars playset (Sold separatly) you are cleaning up the town, towing tractors and get challenged to races. Racing is more challenging than I would have expected for a game aimed at kids. So far my personal favorites are Pirates and Lone Ranger.

    My son isn’t into playing games himeself yet. He’s not quite 5, and I’ll try to get him to play with me, but after a few minutes (Disney or Skylanders) he’s giving me his controller. He seems perfectly happy to put the charactors on the pad and watch me play. (Hopefully he will play himself soon) I personally feel very comfortable with him in this world and the message of it.

    I’m interested in seeing how multiplayer works more. Right now there is an amazing Disneyland download, but I couldn’t find any game elements in it, that would make it fun. I expect that in time, the comunity will use the toys to make Minecraft like wonders that even the developers never anticipated.

    Right now people are complaining about the Power Disks, I think they are cool and right now Toys are Us has 2 packs of 2 for $6. You don’t need the power disks most do things like change the textures in toybox mode, I did get a rare Astro Blaster in the one pack I got so far, which is very cool, raced around the toybox in it. But if you don’t have all 20 disks or any at all for that matter, it doesn’t effect gameplay at all. THe round ones are some kind of powerup, but still not needed, unless you have to have it all.

    Disney has a history of making a game for every movie they make. In the near futures those games will all be done as Disney Infinity Playsets.

    I’m 42 and my generation had toys, lots of toys. I know many adults who still collect every Star Wars action figure that comes out. But Hasbro is having a hard time keeping kids interested in toys, now that video games have become the toy of choice for kids earlier and earlier. Disney infinity tries to appeal to many different markets. Adult Disney collectors, those of us who buy the Vinyamation figures for $10-$15 (Blind boxed)each that sit in a curio cabnet who may or may not actually play the game. Its designed so anyone who can read can play alone, and it seems to appeal to the more casual gamer. Many of the hunter gatherer elements of MMOs are present in this game, which I’ve heard others describe as grinding. World of Warcraft didn’t have 10,000,000 players spending $15 a month for years because it was a bad game. This isn’t for everyone, hardcore First Person Shooter gamers aren’t going to think should I play…

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  3. 28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Whole New Disney World, August 18, 2013
    R. Calderon “Qu4ckers” (Virginia) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360 (Video Game)

    Disney Infinity is the first serious attempt to take on Activision’s all-conquering Skylanders series. There are obvious similarities – both use toy figures and a USB peripheral – but Disney’s effort requires you to purchase physical tokens to upgrade your in-game heroes (sold in sealed foil packs that make doubles – and the need to swap them – inevitable. Disney Infinity also promises more complex gameplay. Its story mode comprises a collection of adventures themed around different franchises including the Incredibles, Monsters. Inc and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Activities are varied – platforming, seafaring, brawling, city management, racing and campus exploration feature in the Starter Pack alone – but unlike with Skylanders, players can only use characters from the featured film franchise in their respective levels. The freeform Toy Box mode, however, lets players combine characters as they invent their own adventures with game creation tools and objects earned during the main game. Both modes support two-player split screen and four-player online collaboration.

    Highly fun and exploratory, this should give you plenty of time to have an enjoyable experience!!

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